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With over 30 years of combined experience in the debt industry, the founders of S&N Debt Solutions have seen how the ravages of burdensome debt have affected the lives of honest, hard-working individuals and families and decided to do their part to help right this wrong.

The 2007-2010 recession dubbed the “Great Recession”, was the longest and deepest since World War II and the subsequent recovery has been the weakest in the postwar period —severely damaging the net worth and personal finances of millions of Americans through no fault of their own.

Since 2011, the Company has willingly developed and delivered proven debt settlement programs and services to tens of thousands of clients nationwide to help them work their way back to financial health. Additionally, the Company offers its clients educational information to help them make informed decisions that will ultimately strengthen their resolve to live a financially responsible, debt-free lifestyle. S&N Debt Solutions is a for-profit, private Company that is not affiliated with the credit reporting agencies or the credit industry. As a result, its services are unbiased and independent, which allows it to better serve its clients.


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