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Debt and Your Health

Debt and Your Health Debt: Everybody’s got it, so how bad can it really be? Well, the fact of the matter is we are a nation in the red. Student-loan debt has doubled since 2007, credit-card debt is on the rise, and more than a third of Americans haven’t paid their bills in so long […]

How much debt is too much?

Most people have some level of debt including a mortgage, rent, an auto loan, a student loan, or even a few credit cards. And although debt is generally viewed as taboo, having debt and managing it responsibly is a way of building one’s credit—which is not always a bad thing. On the other hand, having […]

Credit Card Debt Plague Even Celebrities

You might feel better about your financial challenges knowing that celebrities have problems too. And while most people have some credit card debt, celebrities who get into financial trouble often times get themselves buried in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. Nicolas Cage, Stephen Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, even Jay-Z have fallen victim to the […]

Credit Card Cardio

You’ve done it! You have successfully traversed another holiday shopping season – congratulations! Unfortunately, the Yuletide joy has gone the way of cheesy Christmas carols and jolly old Saint Nick, and the credit card hangover has set in. Happy New Year.

Better Management of Medical Expenses

With all of the pressures on today’s young families, do you know what creates an unwelcome strain on their income? You might think it is excessive dining out. But if it’s McDonald’s versus Olive Garden, probably not. In the past, fuel costs might be to blame. But today’s gas prices are the lowest we have […]

New Year’s Resolution to Get out of Debt

Have you been thinking about what you’d like to change for the New Year? Most New Year’s resolutions focus on improving one’s health or addressing a bad habit. But improving your financial health and your bad credit habits should be at the top of your list. In fact, getting out of debt was cited as […]