Clients Tell Their Personal Stories

Do you dream of getting out from under your burdensome debt to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom? Be inspired by the story of Ben. F., a Massachusetts firefighter, who has traveled the road ahead of you, to show that your hope for a better financial future is achievable.

There are many reasons people fall into debt. If you are still undecided about whether S&N’s Peace of MindTM debt resolution program is right for you, get this 3 part email series. You will also learn the stories of Ruby and Frederick.

Ruby loved living in Arizona. Surrounded by golf courses, swimming pools, and couples the same age as she and her husband, she enjoyed everything about life in her seventies.  Frederick F. was a hard-working, fifty-seven-year-old truck driver, who had traveled the highways of America for sixteen years.

People who get out of debt become goal-oriented. They learn to map out a plan of small goals leading to the successful achievement of a large goal. Ben, Ruby and Frederick discovered, as you will find, that the heroic quest toward becoming debt-free equips you with skills necessary for successful management of your finances, success on the job, and success in your personal life.


Get This 3 Part Email Series

As you consider taking this journey toward financial freedom, you, like Ben, will encounter people in your daily life who have no experience with debt resolution and are afraid for you. It’s a big decision, and not one to take lightly. As with all transformative journeys, you will be challenged to overcome your fears. Learn from our clients stories like Ben, that you will have trustworthy mentors to guide you every step of your way on the road to financial independence.